• Libec TH-Z S4 Kit

Libec TH-Z S4 Kit

De Libec TH-Z S4 Kit is een zeer flexibel systeem met een vloeistofkop die direct op de 75 mm statiefkop kan worden gemonteerd of rechtstreeks op de schuifregelaar kan worden bevestigd.

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The Libec TH-Z S4 Kit is a highly flexible system featuring a fluid head that can be mounted directly on the 75mm tripod bowl or attached directly to the slider. This is thanks to the head's dual-function design consisting of a half ball with a flat base. The slider also has a 75mm half-ball and can be mounted directly on the tripod as well. The fluid head supports up to 11 lb and features fixed counterbalance and drag and a convenient snap-in camera plate system. The slider provides a 12" travel distance, and the tripod offers a height range of 23 to 58.5".

Libec TH-Z H Fluid Head

The Libec TH-Z H Fluid Head is a compact dual-function tripod head with an 11 lb payload and fixed counterbalance and drag. It features a native 75mm half ball and has a flat base with a 3/8"-16 mounting thread on the bottom of the half ball. It's directly compatible with 75mm bowl tripods but can also be mounted directly on sliders and other supports via the flat base. A tie-down is included for securing it to tripods.

The head has a snap-in camera plate system that lets you attach the included camera plate from above rather than slide it in from the rear. The plate has a sliding range of 1.2" once secured. It comes with a 1/4"-20 mounting screw and an anti-twist video pin beside it. A long rosette-mount pan bar is included and an optional second one is also supported.