• Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
BlackMagic Design

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Het DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel van Blackmagic Design is een aanzienlijke stap vooruit in functionaliteit van het Micro- of Mini-paneel. Het bestaat uit een hoofdconsole en twee extra consoles, een aan elke kant, en een uitschuifbaar toetsenbord in de middenconsole.

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Whether you’re just getting started or are a professional colorist, DaVinci Resolve color control panels let you work faster and be more creative. The panels give you fluid, hands on control over multiple parameters at the same time, so you have more creative options and can work much faster than is possible with a mouse. Designed in collaboration with the world’s leading colorists, all panels feature a logical layout that puts the most important controls under your natural hand positions, which allows you to work quickly. All knobs, dials and buttons are high quality and have been custom designed to produce the perfect amount of resistance, so you can accurately fine tune any parameter.

DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Designed in collaboration with professional colorists, the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel allows you to have quick, one touch access to virtually every parameter in the program. A fourth trackball controls the luminance and color balance of the image, without needing to toggle trackball settings.

Professional Trackballs

The trackballs let you adjust the colors in an image based on lift, gamma and gain tonal ranges. Unlike a mouse and keyboard, you can manipulate multiple trackballs simultaneously to create unique effects. The smooth gliding rings around the trackballs let you set master levels and establish dynamic contrast. Keys above each trackball reset the color adjustment, level adjustment or both. Three keys at the top of the DaVinci Resolve Mini and Micro Panels let you switch between primary and log wheel modes, activate offset, temperature and tint controls and turn on your full screen viewer output. The DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel has a fourth master gain trackball to adjust the entire image.

Primary Adjustment Controls

Primary adjustment controls affect the luminance and chrominance of your entire image using a variety of tools that target specific tonal and hue ranges. These tools represent the most common adjustments required to produce dynamic imagery, making them a popular choice for photographers, graphic designers and colorists working on a tight deadline. The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel and Mini Panel include 12 primary color correction control knobs that make it easy to quickly adjust image contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, tint, midtone detail, color boost, shadows, highlights and more. All knobs can be pressed to instantly reset the control so you can easily experiment with new looks!


Computer Interface

USB Type‑B connector on each panel.

USB Loop Out

2 x loop out USB Type‑A connectors for side panels.


2 x USB Type‑A connectors for a mouse and other USB devices.

Software Updates

USB Type Mini‑B connectors on each panel for factory software updates.

12V Power Input

Centre 3‑pin 3W3 D‑Sub connector on Trackball Panel.

3‑pin 3W3 D‑Sub connector on the Search Dial and T‑bar Panels.

12V Power Output

Left and right 3‑pin 3W3 D‑Sub connectors on Trackball Panel.

DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Power Requirements

Power Supply

External 100 - 240V AC 1.5A 50/60Hz with IEC C14 mains input.

Power Usage

80W max.

Operating Systems

Mac icon

Mac 10.15 Catalina or later.

Windows Icon

Windows 10, 64-bit.

Linux icon

Linux CentOS 7.3 or later.

Physical Specifications

DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)

Storage Temperature

-20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)

  • DaVinci Resolve Advanced Trackball Panel
  • DaVinci Resolve Advanced Search Dial Panel
  • DaVinci Resolve Advanced T-bar Panel
  • DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel Dongle
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio Activation Key
  • 12V Power Supply with IEC C14 Mains Inlet
  • 2 x 1m 3‑pin Inter Panel Power Cables
  • 3 x 2m USB Type‑A to Type‑B Cables