• Sachtler SOOM TriSpread (S2004-0001)

Sachtler SOOM TriSpread (S2004-0001)

De Sachtler Soom Tri-spreader is een mid-level spreader voor de Soom statief systemen.

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The Sachtler Soom Tri-Spreader is a mid-level spreader for the Soom tripod systems. This spreader operates with the Soom Tube and tripod offering stability and optimization. This spreader allows the Soom Tube to be centered in the middle section of the spreader for stability when the tube is extended to full height. As the mid-level spreader, the SOOM TriSpread is a part of the SOOM XL system with which the camera reaches a maximum lens height of 2.50 m. Used individually as an aluminium baby tripod it reliably delivers extremely low shooting positions from 21.5 to 49 cm.