• Rycote 21mm Baby Ball Gag Windshield
  • Rycote 21mm Baby Ball Gag Windshield

Rycote 21mm Baby Ball Gag Windshield

Deze windshield van Rycote zorgt voor tot wel 30 dB windruis verzwakking en is geschikt voor microfoons met een schachtdiameter van 21mm. 

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The Rycote 21mm BBG Windshield is designed to slip onto the body of a compatible microphone and provides up to 30 dB of wind-noise attenuation. This makes the BBG a suitable partner for compatible microphones in handheld situations (i.e., interview contexts), as well as when shock-mounted with a Lyre suspension.

This low-profile wind diffuser is fashioned of the same materials as Rycote's larger windshields, but rather than clipping onto the microphone suspension, the BBG mounts directly to the microphone by means of a grommet that grips onto the mic's body. Thus, the microphone is completely enclosed within the windshield. This Ball Gag measures 21mm and accommodates microphones such as the Neumann KM100 series.