• Prompter People PP-ProLine Plus Studio 15" High Bright
Prompter People

Prompter People PP-ProLine Plus Studio 15" High Bright

PROLINE PLUS teleprompters worden volledig gemonteerd en gebruiksklaar geleverd in de meegeleverde gevoerde draagtas*.

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The Prompter People Proline Plus 15" Trapezoidal HB Teleprompter with 15" Reversing Monitor features a 15" 1000 cd/m² reversing monitor, 60/40 beamsplitter glass, and a 17' reading range. The shape of the beamsplitter makes this prompter well suited for studio work as it allows for the text to be read by on-air talent that is not directly in front of the prompter. The teleprompter supports nearly any camcorder, ranging from MiniDV to ENG. The teleprompter comes with an aluminum extrusion frame, which enables mounting the camera to the prompter without requiring counterweights. Height and angle adjustments allow the 60/40 glass to be tuned to ensure that the camera is centered and suited to the presenter's viewing angle and can be folded down for transport and storage. You can mount the camera to the prompter and mount that setup to your tripod in a traditional manner, or with an optional FreeStanding kit, you can mount your camera to your tripod and separately mount the prompter to a stand in front of your camera.

Flip-Q Pro software, with a dual-screen scrolling engine, reverses the secondary PC or Mac laptop output without reversing the operator's display. This enables the use of less expensive non-reversing VGA displays without sacrificing the functionality or performance. It features an RTF text editor, and allows you to import RTF and TXT files. Additionally, Flip-Q Pro software offers color background, color fonts, preset font size, color, style, black and white fonts, user selectable cue points, run lists, run from selected cursor and selectable cue marker. The software comes on a USB dongle so that it can be used on multiple computers. Just plug the dongle into the computer you want to use at a given time.


  • The 60/40 beamsplitter glass provides a bright overlay of text that your talent can read from up to 17' away, yet the text is invisible to your camera.
  • The trapezoidal shape of the glass liberates your on-air talent from needing to be directly in front of the prompter to read the text, making it possible for more than one person to share the prompter (e.g., co-anchors on news broadcasts).
  • Supports nearly any camera ranging from MiniDV to DSLR, and ENG cameras.
  • Aluminum extrusion frame—provides counterweight-free balance when used with any camera size.
  • Can be easily folded for secure transport and storage.
  • Supports HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and composite inputs.
  • Monitor is self-reversing.
  • Traditional or freestanding mounting is possible. Freestanding mounting is when the glass, hood, and monitor can be mounted on a stand in front of the camera instead of mounting the camera to the prompter and then mounting the entire set up on a tripod. An optional FreeStanding and 15mm rod kit are available to achieve freestanding mode.

Prompter Unit

Beamsplitter Reflectance/Transmission: 60/40
Dimensions: 20 x 14" / 50.8 x 35.56 cm
Visual range Up to 17' / 5.18 m
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 16" / 50.80 x 76.20 x 40.64 cm
Weight 17 lb / 7.7 kg


LCD 15"
Brightness 1000 cd/m²
Frame Aluminum extrusion frame
Camera Mounting 1/4"-20
Tripod Mounting 1/4"-20 with camera mounting extrusion
Input Signal HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, or composite
Power Requirements 100 to 240 VAC


License Type Multiple users; USB dongle and download
Requirements Windows
Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP

Intel-based Mac