• Libec RS-450DM

Libec RS-450DM

Met de Libec RS-450DM hebt u een complete opstelling met de Libec Tripod RT40RB, de RH45D kop, een middenspreider, een draagtas en grote rubberen voeten. Het aluminium statief heeft een draagvermogen van 12 kilogram.

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The RS-450DM Tripod System from Libec includes the RT40RB tripod legs with a 75mm bowl, the RH45D tripod head, the BR-6B mid-level spreader, FP-2B large rubber feet, and the RC-50 case. The RT40RB tripod legs are height adjustable from 18.5" to 5.16'. They accommodate a head with a ball diameter of 75mm, and are designed to work with the RH45D head. The BR-6B is a mid-level spreader for the tripod, and the FP-2B features a set of 3 large rubber feet. The RC-50 black tripod case is a padded case with rubber feet, designed to carry your tripod.

Libec RH45D Fluid Head

Designed for ENG cameras weighing up to 26.5 lb, the RH45D Fluid Head from Libec features a unified ball/flat mount design. The base of the tripod can fit either in a standard 75mm bowl or on a flat mount with a 3/8"-16 screw. Having both options available means you can transfer the RH45D from a tripod with a bowl mount to a flat-mount slider.

To achieve proper balance, the head includes a sliding camera plate with 1.6" of fore/aft adjustment. The screw and locating pin are moveable to orient the plate on the camera to achieve the best possible balance. Once the camera is balanced, the continuous counterbalance and pan/tilt drag controls provide a smooth action with reduced backlash and unnecessary "bouncing."

Included with the head is a PH-6B pan handle. The handle is extendable for better reach or more precise movement. The bar can be placed on the right or left side of the head by screwing it onto one of the rosettes.