• Libec RHP85

Libec RHP85

De Libec RHP85 is een statiefkop met meerdere tilt mogelijkheden en heeft een draagvermogen van 25 kg! 

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The Libec RHP85 Fluid Head with PH-8B Extendable Pan Handles features the fully adjustable Continuous Counterbalance technology. It offers optimal counterbalance, as well as Balance Stabilizer Mechanism that prevents the slightest wobble on your image, while providing a smooth balancing system.

The Fluid Head features a 7-step pan and tilt torque switch that covers a wide torque range. The one-touch attachment and release ensures that the camera plate can be attached and detached with just a touch, enabling fast and easy setup. The Fluid Head comes with the PH-8B Pan Handle with rubber grip that can stop the camera precisely at any tilt angle.

The Fluid Head is capable of operating at temperature of -40°F. The Fluid Head features a 100mm diameter ball head. It is designed for use with ENG (Electronic News Gathering) cameras that can capture fast moving objects.