• Libec P110B

Libec P110B

De Libec P110B is een pedestal systeem geschikt voor broadcasting buitenshuis.

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The P110(B) Pneumatic Pedestal from Libec features a unique design that uses compressed air through the middle column to provide maximum stability while maintaining perfect motion throughout shots. The pedestal features a two-stage pneumatic design and offers smooth camera elevation for camera rigs weighing up to 66 lb. The P110(B) comes fitted with a 100mm bowl and includes the DL-8RB dolly, which uses large 4.9" wheels for achieving smooth movements while on location.

High Payload Pneumatic Column
The pedestal is equipped with a lower locking mechanical column providing secure camera positioning, while the upper pneumatic column offers smooth adjustable camera elevation. With a maximum capacity of 66 lb, the P110(B) pedestal is perfect for medium-weight camera systems.
Variable Air Pressurized Design
Air pressure can be added or eliminated from the pneumatic column without taking off any camera equipment, making the system fully adjustable without wasting time.
Air Pressure Safety Valve
Rest assured you will not ever over-pressurize the column with the air pressure safety valve.
Large 125mm Wheels
Large 4.9" casters provide quick, smooth movement on surfaces outside the studio.