• Datavideo iCast 10NDI
  • Datavideo iCast 10NDI
  • Datavideo iCast 10NDI

Datavideo iCast 10NDI

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5-Channel All-in-one Streaming Switcher

iCAST 10NDI is a new and innovative live production equipment that houses a switcher, camera controller and streaming encoder in one box. A variety of inputs can be connected to iCAST 10NDI to allow you to create an eye catching presentation with different video sources, such as PTZ and document cameras, and a laptop for  your presentation slides.

Using the built-in streaming encoder and recorder. You can easily live stream to multiple platforms and record your show to an SD card. Six video channels can be ISO recorded at the same time in order to provide you with more program materials for post production.

iCAST 10NDI is definitely a highly efficient and easy-to-use solution for video streaming and recording.

A hybrid event switcher designed for classroom, lecture capture, conferencing with all the I/O needed for producing,
streaming, recording, and conferencing with Zoom, MS Teams, and other platforms. An intuitive touch screen
interface with presets for screen layout settings, camera angles, and buttons for activating the stream and recording
of your event.

Multiple video input interfaces

iCAST 10NDI has five video inputs with one SDI/HDMI selectable port, three HDMI only ports and one USB 3.0 port. iCAST 10NDI accepts videos from various professional cameras, laptops and document cameras.

You can also receive IP videos via an RJ-45 port. IP videos are streamed using RTMP(S) or SRT protocol. With a variety of video interfaces, you no longer need to worry about compatibility of different video devices.

Dual Multiview Modes

iCAST 10NDI provides an intuitive preview of your output sources. You can view them either horizontally or vertically (a new technology for viewing videos on mobile devices) and preview these mode changes on a Multiview screen. 

Multiple PGM Modes

In addition to displaying a full screen view of the program out video, you can also stream the four input videos live
to your audience.

The iCAST 10NDI offers five Multiview layouts to allow you to show your input videos all at the same time. The videos can be streamed to all corners of the world and your audience can, with zero delay, participate in your events using a receiver/decoder, personal mobile device, or a computer.