• FXLion Nano Two V-Lock Battery
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FXLion Nano Two – 14.8V / 98Wh V-Mount Battery

De Fxlion FX-NANO2 Nano Two 14.8V/98WH V-Lock is een li-ion accu met V-mount en heeft een capaciteit van 98Wh. De accu beschikt over zowel D-tap als USB-uitgangen die je gebruikt om zowel te laden als te ontladen. Het is 's werelds kleinste V-lock accu en daarom gemakkelijk mee te nemen op reis. Uniek voor de FXlion Nano 2 is de USB-C in- en uitgang.

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The NANO TWO is probably the world’s smallest V-Mount battery. And it’s not just small, it’s powerful. With 98 Watt hours and up to 10 Amps current, you can get a lot of power out of this little buddy. It features one D-Tap output and USB-C / USB-A in/outputs. So you’re never running out of possibilities to power your equipment.

The best thing about it is the regulated USB-C output, that can charge your MacBook or any other USB-C compatible device on the go.

An LCD shows you the remaining capacity and voltage, as well as the voltage of USB and USB-C ports. These sockets are protected from dust and moisture by a rubber lid. The compact size allows for putting it even in your pants pockets.

If you want to build a powerful camera rig, we do recommend our NANO V-Mount plates.

Even though you can charge your V-Mount over USB-C, D-Tap and with any common v-mount charger, there is also a compact NANO 4-channel charger (FX-NANO4S) available for you. 

Capacity:  6.8Ah 98Wh

Voltage: 14.8V

Load: 10A (max.)

USB-A Output: 5.0V/2.4A | 9V/2A | 12V/1.5A

USB-C In/Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.2A

Micro USB Input: 5V/3A

D-Tap In- / Output: Yes (1x)

Dimensions: 101(L)mm*72(W)mm*54.5(H)mm 

Weight: 520g