• FieldCast Adapter Two

FieldCast Adapter Two

Deze Fieldcast Adapter zet een Fieldcast signaal om zodat deze bruikbaar is op uw Blackmagic Design Studio Camera.

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The adapter for Blackmagic Studio Camera: connects to the SFP using special LC Duplex bridging cable.


The fiber bridge for Studio Camera 

Adapter Two bridges the gap between FieldCast™ fiber optic cable assemblies and Blackmagic Design Studio Camera™. It directly mounts to the side of the camera body and connects to the camera SFP with a short and flexible black LC Duplex bridging cable.

With Adapter Two you can transport your HD or 4K video back and forth and control all functions of your Studio Camera™ using only one slim and flexible FieldCast 2Core cable, whatever the distance!


Complete camera control over just one fiber optic cable

If you want to move your Studio Camera freely over the studio floor and make use of all the advantages of ATEM camera control, you will have to use two independent SDI connections for every single camera to make it all happen. Of course you can do it with two rigid copper coax cables, but you also can contemplate to go for FieldCast 2Core and have one slim and flexible cable for every camera. Connect Adapter Two to your Studio Camera, and you have the most robust fiber optic connection possible, more robust even than the good old BNC connectors on your copper cable.

Moreover, even with 4K video, you can go any distance you want and use the same Studio Cameras in the field without worries. Adapter Two is a fully passive device, bridging fiber to fiber in the most straightforward way possible, no special tricks. Just keep the connections clean and go.



  • The adapter features a FieldCast 2Core Chassis Connector, so you can connect the FieldCast 2Core SM (single mode) Main Cable straight to Blackmagic Studio Camera or Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K. 
  • Single mode fiber optic technology, creating extremely high bandwidth for error free transport of 4K data and beyond, at any cable length.  
  • Mounts to the camera body using a special mounting plate and screws tapping into two of the 1/4" inserts at the right side of the camera body. 
  • Connects to Blackmagic Studio Camera using a separate LC Duplex bridging cable, completely eliminating any strain or torsion at the level of the vulnerable SFP connector.  
  • All aluminium solution, built around a milled out block containing both connectors, anodized matte black finish, perfectly matching camera body surface. 
  • Integrated universal 1/4' 20 UNC insert for mounting to tripod, rig or arm. 



  • milled out aluminum case, glass blasted and anodized
  • color coded and FieldCast 2Core SM Chassis Connector with D-size flange
  • custom FieldCast ultra short bend insensitive patching cable inside
  • Senko LC Duplex connection with internal dust caps
  • 30 cm. black LC Duplex patch cable for connecting to camera SFP
  • high bandwidth single mode 9/125 fiber technology
  • 2 pairs of 1/4" screws for mounting with or without camera sunshade
  • dimensions adapter: 93 (L) x 45 (B) x 33 (H) mm.
  • weight including mounting plate 270 grams
  • hex keys and instruction manual included