• Datavideo DAC-8P 4K 4K SDI to HDMI Converter
  • Datavideo DAC-8P 4K 4K SDI to HDMI Converter
  • Datavideo DAC-8P 4K 4K SDI to HDMI Converter
  • Datavideo DAC-8P 4K 4K SDI to HDMI Converter

Datavideo DAC-8P 4K 4K SDI to HDMI Converter

De DAC-8P 4K Converter converteert 12G-SDI in resoluties tot 4K50/60 naar 4K HDMI, het is eenvoudig om de 4K HDMI-signaalapparaten en professionele 12G-SDI-videoapparatuur aan te sluiten.

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Broadcast Quality 4K SDI to HDMI Converter

The DAC-8P 4K Converter converts 12G-SDI in resolutions up to 4K50/60 to 4K HDMI, it is easy to connect the 4K HDMI signal devices and professional 12G-SDI video equipment.

Featuring SDI input and both an SDI and HDMI output, audio is de-embedded from the SDI input, and available in the HDMI output and analog audio output.

The DAC-8P 4K Converter is useful for a variety of broadcast, professional AV and education applications.

Supports up to DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)

The DAC-8P 4K is broadcast quality converter, and it supports up to DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD 4K (3840 x 2160).

The DAC-8P 4K is also very easy to use. It is a plug and play converter, and there is no setting needed from your laptop. 

12G-SDI input and loop-thru output

In addition to the converted 4K HDMI output, there is a 12G-SDI loop thru for sending a signal to other devices in your workflow.

Supports SDI Re-Clocking

DAC-8P 4K will regenerate the SDI video, and provideo less SDI jitter to improve SDI eye pattern. DAC-8P 4K allows for a long cable transmission.

Not only a video converter, but also an audio de-embedder.

DAC-8P 4K provides a video converter from SDI to HDMI, and it also provides you an additional de-embedded 2-channel RCA analog audio output from SDI video to your live production.   

Supports HDMI Deep Color

HDMI Deep Color supports more realistic and stunning of the video. Much better video quality than the regular HDMI video. 

Aluminum appearance design, rugged and durable

Super sturdy and durable. The DAC series has a rugged metal housing for use in even the roughest conditions. Low heat dissipation, ideal for long hour operation in normal ventilated environment.

Model Number



12G-SDI to HDMI 2.0

Video Inputs

12G-SDI x 1

Loop Through


Video Outputs

1x HDMI 2.0 with embedded Audio

Audio Inputs

SDI embedded audio, 24-bit, 16-channel

Audio Outputs

RCA x 2 (Unbalanced Audio L/R)
HDMI embedded audio, 24-bit, 8-channel

Audio Format Selection


Audio Gain


Supported Video Input Formats

4096x2160p: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
3840x2160p: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
1080p: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98
1080i: 60/59.94/50
720p: 60/59.94/50

Output Resolutions

Automatically matches the HD, 3G and 12G SDI video input





SDI Cable Drive


Updates and Configuration

USB Type C x 1

Dimension (LxWxH)

112 x 85 x 45 mm


0.3 kg

Operating Temp. Range

0~40 °C


DC 12V, 8.64W

  • 1 x DAC-8P 4K
  • 1 x AD Switch DC 12V