• Datavideo BB-1kit dvCloud Remote Device Control Kit

Datavideo BB-1kit dvCloud Remote Device Control Kit

De BB-1 geeft u toegang tot bijna elk IP-apparaat via het openbare internet. De BB-1 is volledig transparant, wat betekent dat u toegang hebt tot externe apparaten net zoals u lokaal zou doen.

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Easily access Datavideo devices over the public internet

The BB-1 allows you to access almost to any IP enabled device over the public internet. The BB-1 is completely transparent meaning you can access remote devices just as you would locally. BB-1 is powered by our dvCloud platform so does not require any network or firewall configuration.

Control various IP controllable device

A single pair of BB-1 pair enables control of almost ANY IP controllable devices over the internet, including Datavideo's PTZ cameras and switchers.

Enables numerous remote production workflows 

The remote links created by BB-1 can be used to access or control almost ANY IP controllable devices. Easily create a variety of remote workflows by the addition of camera controllers, switchers, workstations, encoders, decoders, teleprompters and much more.

Control up to 25 remote devices

A single BB-1 pair will allow control of up to 5 devices at each location, each additional BB-1 will provide access to a further 5 devices.

Devices can connect over the internet just as if they are on the same local network.

BB-1 connectivity is powered by or dvCloud platform, each dvCloud Professional subscription supports up to 6 BB-1s while the essentials plan supports two BB-1s.

Firewall friendly, no IP knowledge or complex setup required.

The BB-1 does not require any firewall or manual IP configuration, simply pair your BB-1s with your dvCloud account and manage your shared devices anywhere using our easy to use web interface.

BB-1 automatically detects all available Datavideo devices, simply select the devices you want to share.

BB-1 can provide remote access to devices connected to your existing network or create its own, the choice is yours.