• camRade rainCover Mini
  • camRade rainCover Mini

camRade rainCover Mini

Bescherm uw compactcamera-opstelling tegen regen met de camRade rainCover Mini.

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Protect your compact camera setup against inclement weather with the camRade rainCover Mini. It is an absolute must have that will prevent water damage to your most valuable piece of equipment.

Through years of experience and working closely with multiple camera operators, camRade has improved their designs to perfect solutions for multiple applications. The rainCover Mini is one of the unique products from camRade, it is simple to use and compact.

Key features

  • Universal rain protection cover for small handheld photo/video/film and mirrorless cameras
  • Waterproof near silent fabric with large transparent window
  • Full access to the controls, ports, memory cards, display, zoom, battery compartment and handgrip
  • Fits most camera cages and top handles
  • Includes one medium size lensC extension and storage pouch
  • Compatible with camRade lensC lens extension covers
  • Strong Easy-on-Easy-off construction

Durable and functional design

Always carry the camRade rainCover Mini with you so you do not get caught out when the weather turns. The body cover together with a lens extension is supplied in a waterproof zippered pouch, which you can use to store and transport the cover when not in active use. It is easy to attach and detach the cover, thanks to the convenient design. Breaking down your setup when a storm is coming, or pausing a live production is a thing of the past with the rainCover Mini. The transparent vinyl fabric on the front and top gives you all the comforts of operating the camera, while remaining protected.

Clamps around the lens or lens-hood

Thanks to its 28 cm / 11” rubber strip, the rainCover fits correctly on most compact lenses. The strap supplied with a hook-and-loop fastener makes it possible to tighten the cover on the lens(hood) but allows you to operate the lens. The supplied zippered lensC M extension, covers and protects longer lenses.

Easy access to what is important

Openings, closed with high-density shock cord, on both sides, give you easy access to all essential parts of your camera. The transparent window on top and at the back of the cover, allows you to have a clear view of the camera’s display. A vertical hook-and-loop fastener on the top of the cover gives you the option to use a top handle or other accessories such as external monitors, lights, wireless or audio devices.

Suitable for Camera
Color Black
Zippers Black YKK® zippers
Material Nylon
Made in China
Product Cover
  • 1 rainCover Mini
  • 1 lensC extension (size S)
  • 1 Waterproof storage pouch with zipper