• Aputure 10 Gobo Kit - Uitverkoop

Aputure 10 Gobo Kit - Uitverkoop

De Aputure 10 Gobo Kit is ontworpen om gebruik te worden met de projectie bevestiging van de Light Storm LC 120d II, 120D en 300D. De kit bevat vuurwerk, lineair, punt, kerkraam, modern raam, vuur, verstrooiing, bliksem, rimpel en grille. 

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The 10-Gobo Kit is a 10-piece B-Size Gobo kit to complement the use of the Spotlight Mount, the first professional-grade Bowens Mount projection attachment. With these B-Size Gobos, filmmakers can easily add more creative designs to your Spotlight Mount arsenal.

10 classic shapes. The 10-Gobo Kit includes 10 classic shapes, including Fireworks, Linear, Dot, Church Window, Modern Window, Fire, Scatter, Lightning, RIpple, and Grille.


  • - 10 B-Size Gobos Compatible with the Aputure Spotlight Mount
  • - Add More Creative Designs to Your Spotlight Mount Arsenal
Product Name 10 GOBO Kit
Battery N/A
GOBO Dimensions B-size (Diameter: 2.6 / 6.6cm)
Net Weight 100g / 0.22lbs
Gross Weight 105g / 0.23lbs
  • 1x Fireworks Gobo
  • 1x Linear Gobo
  • 1x Dot Gobo
  • 1x Church Window Gobo
  • 1x Modern Window Gobo
  • 1x Fire Gobo
  • 1x Scatter Gobo
  • 1x Lightning Gobo
  • 1x Ripple Gobo
  • 1x Grille Gobo