• Prompter People Roboprompter with High Bright Talent Monitor
  • Prompter People Roboprompter with High Bright Talent Monitor
Prompter People

Prompter People Roboprompter with High Bright Talent Monitor

RoboPrompter heeft een grootformaat 24" beamsplitter voor maximale beweging van links naar rechts. Dit grootformaat scherm maakt RoboPrompter ideaal voor PTZ-camera's die worden gebruikt in studio's, directiekamers en vergaderruimten.

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RoboPrompter has a wide format 24" beamsplitter to allow for maximum left to right movement. This wide format screen makes RoboPrompter ideal for PTZ cameras being used in studios, board rooms and conference rooms. The matching wide-format reversing monitor allows for perfect eye-to-eye contact when used for tele-presence, tele-conferencing and standard presentations and prompting. No other solution offers the same eye-to-eye contact for the most convincing communication

  • Hood and Beamsplitter fold down for easy transport and storage
  • Durable yet lightweight aluminum hood encloses and protects your PTZ camera
  • Reversing monitor with HD-SDI available and HDMI, VGA and composite inputs
  • Works with any standard size PTZ camera 
  • Adapter available to allow 2 cameras mounted inside
  • Prompter on tripod weight 24 lbs
  • Easily readable from 4-24 feet.
  • FlipQ PRO software for PC and Mac included on USB and download
  • Camera riser included
  • Easy access rear port for camera access
  • Bright 60/40 24” wide glass beamsplitter
  • 25x24x16 overall dimensions
  • Mounts to any tripod or pedestal
  • HD-SDI input on High Bright model
  • Self reversing monitor, HDMI, VGA and composite inputs
  • 400 NITS 22” monitor
  • 110/240 Volt compatible
FlipQ software for PC and MAC is provided 2 ways: on USB stick for use with an infinite number of computers, and via download for direct install on the users computer. While FlipQ can be setup to reverse text our reversing monitor with Composite, VGA, and HDMI inputs will accept video signals from your computer and will do the flip in hardware for easiest setup and use.

  • Quick setup with mounting hardware included
  • High Quality 60/40 Teleprompter Glass
  • The high quality 60/40 teleprompter glass provides a bright 40% reflectance to the talent with only 2/3 stop loss of light transmission
  • Includes Software for Mac or PC
  • FlipQ Pro offers multi-lingual support, color and direct text editing. The software is compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 and up (with 64-bit processor), as well as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and WIN 10.
  • Reversing monitor displays PowerPoint, Pages, without the need for any additional software.
  • Perfect for use when tele-conferencing or streaming meetings, seminars or any other remote visual program with perfect eye-contact back to the viewer.