• Skaarhoj PTZ Pro w/Hall Effect Joystick and Blue Pill Inside

Skaarhoj PTZ Pro w/Hall Effect Joystick and Blue Pill Inside

De Skaarhoj PTZ Pro is een volledig uitgeruste PTZ-controller voor PTZ camera's. 

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Perform precise pan/tilt/zoom control movements and have configuration and selection of PTZ cameras at your fingertips with the PTZ Pro Camera Controller from SKAARHOJ. Featuring a precision 3-axis joystick and dedicated focus knob, this compact controller makes it easy to pan, tilt, and rotate your cameras while also controlling their focus and zoom. The control panel features four backlit encoder knobs, ten camera selection buttons, and multiple programmable multifunction keys for presets and menu navigation.

The PTZ Pro runs the SKAARHOJ-developed open-source UniSketch OS, which is user programmable to fit specific workflows. PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology simplifies setup by enabling data and power to travel via a single cable. The controller is compatible with VISCA devices as well as other IP-controlled cameras from brands such as Everet, Lumens, NewTek, Panasonic, PTZ Optics, and Sony.

A power adapter and an Ethernet cable are included in the box. There are available options to upgrade the joystick to the Hall Effect ergonomic joystick, as well as an option for an SDI upgrade component for use with Blackmagic Arduino Shields and fiber converters.

Key Features

  • Four backlit encoder knobs and a bright status display
  • Three axis-joystick and dedicated focus knob
  • Backlit display for status and menu navigation
  • Camera select buttons and programmable multifunction keys with bright RGB displays for presets and camera selection
  • Slim, ergonomic console form factor
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS
  • Works with a wide range of devices and systems including generic VISCA-compatible devices, Everet EVP and EVZ series, Lumens VC-A50P, NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1, Panasonic AW-HEx, PTZOptics PT20X, and Sony BRC-H900, BRC-X1000, and SRG-300
  • Optional Hall Effect joystick upgrade for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision
  • Optional SDI extension for Blackmagic Arduino and fiber converters for camera control data