• Zacuto ZipGear Prime Lens Kit

Zacuto ZipGear Prime Lens Kit

De Zacuto ZipGear Prime Lens Kit maakt het mogelijk om non-pitched lenzen te gebruiken met een follow focus.

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Zacuto Universal ZipGear Prime Lens Kit includes four Zacuto Universal ZipGear. Zacuto Universal ZipGear is a .8 pitch strap that can be connected to any lens for use with a Zacuto .8 pitch follow focus gear. This enables you to use non-pitched lenses with a follow focus. All straps are 13.5” in length and are pitched to .8. The ZipGear Universal will work with any lens, prime or zoom. Just wrap the ZipGear around the lens and cut to size, press on gear locking housing and tighten. Installation takes one minute.