• Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit
  • Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit
  • Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit
  • Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit

Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit

De Zacuto Varicam LT Top Plate Kit bestaat uit meerdere onderdelen waarmee u een veelzijdige set up kunt creëren.

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The Varicam LT Top Plate Kit includes the Varicam LT Top Plate, 3” Z-Rail, and Recoil Handle for a low profile, versatile setup for your camera. The Top Plate attaches to the top of the camera via four included M4 phillips head screws. It has numerous ¼ 20 screw holes and four ⅜ 16 screw holes for attaching various accessories. You can also add Z-Locks on the front of the plate for adding top 15mm rods for mounting motors, etc by emailing sales@zacuto.com. At the back of the plate are two vertical 15mm rod ports for mounting a Zamerican arm or other 15mm rod accessory. The rod ports are tightened with Ratcheting levers. The Z-Rail attaches to the center screw holes on the plate allowing you to attach the Recoil Handle. The Recoil Handle is a quick-release top handle with multiple accessory mounting options. It includes two coldshoe mounts (one vertical & one horizontal) that secure with a quick-release clamp onto the shoe of your accessory. Mount two coldshoe items at once with a half turn of a Zacuto lever. No unnecessary winding of an annoying plastic round tie-down wheel! At the opposite end of the handgrip, there’s two 15mm quick-release rod ports. One rod port faces to the side of the handle, the other towards the front. The Recoil Handle includes one 1/4" 20 screw hole mount. The top handle itself is hand-tooled fine three-quarter maple. This gives you the perfect platform to add an Axis Mini EVF Mount and one of Zacuto's Micro OLED EVFs.

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