• Zacuto Lightweight Locking Lens Support

Zacuto Lightweight Locking Lens Support

De Zacuto Lightweight Locking Lens Support ondersteunt de lens en kan overal op het 15mm rod systeem worden bevestigd.

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Zacuto's Lightweight Locking Lens Support includes a Q-mount, Zupport, 1" male rod screwed into the Zupport to give it the height to reach your lens, and a Universal Zip Gear. The Q-mount can ‘snap’ onto rods with the clamps facing up or down and tightens with a quick release ratcheting lever on either side of the mount. It can be installed anywhere on a 15mm lightweight spaced rod system without you needing to remove any other accessories. Your lens rests in the Y shaped support and the ZipGear wraps around the lens for additional security.

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