• Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator
  • Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator
  • Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator

Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator

Met de Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator kunt u de removable grip op elk 15mm rod bevestigen.

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The Zacuto FS700 Grip Relocator gives users the freedom to place the Sony FS700 removable grip onto any 15mm rod. You can place the FS700 Relocator at a handgrip for shoulder mounted work or anywhere on a rig that is most comfortable for you and your set up. It uses Zacuto’s Zwivel technology so it can be swiveled up and forward or straight down for optimal comfort and rig compatibility. The FS700 handle screws into the Relocator with a ¼ 20 screw and is secured in place with a standard Arri rosette. 

With the FS700 Grip Relocator users can comfortably control start/stop of the camera and zoom while working shoulder mounted. The Sony removable grip features four easy-to-use buttons including Start/Stop, Photo, 4x/8x expandable focus, and push-button auto iris. The Sony grip comes with a 12" cable. It is recommended adding a LANC extension cable for more flexibility.

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