• Zacuto Axis Micro
  • Zacuto Axis Micro

Zacuto Axis Micro

De Zacuto Axis Micro is een veelzijdige viewfinder bevestiging voor het bevestigen van een monitor of viewfinder aan een rig.

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The Zacuto Axis Micro is a versatile viewfinder mount for attaching a monitor or viewfinder to a rig. The mount is attached via a 15 mm rod mount and connected to a viewfinder such as the ACT EVF Pro by Zacuto via the 1/4" rosette. The rosette can be adjusted in height, allowing the attached viewfinder to be positioned precisely.

  • For mounting numerous monitors and viewfinders, such as the ACT EVF Pro by Zacuto
  • Height-adjustable rosette for easy adjustment
  • Can be mounted transverse to the camera axis via a 15 mm rod mount