• Skaarhoj XC8

Skaarhoj XC8

De SKAARHOJ XC8 is een replay controller met snelheidsregeling en IP-connectiviteit.

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The Skaarhoj XC8 Replay Controller is a programmable control surface for use with broadcast video hardware, providing tactile control over essential functions. As this is a “Master” unit, ports for 12V power, Ethernet, and USB connectivity can be found on the rear. Master units serve as the first link in the chain, connecting to other XC units using the DB-9 port on the left-hand side. XC Master units can also be used as Modules, connecting to other Modules or a Master unit using the DB-9 port on the right-hand side. A short DB-9 cable can be used to separate an XC unit chain for a second operator. Using the SKAARHOJ-developed open-source UniSketch OS, the end-user can program the 10 RGB buttons, 10 15mm broadcast-console-quality buttons, rotary jog-shuttle wheel, and weighted T-bar on the XC8 to control a variety of devices, from switchers and recorders to PTZ cameras and slow-motion playback decks. A large OLED screen displays function information in real-time.