• Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD

Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD

De Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD Aluminium Tripod met een 75mm Bowl is een statief die tot 35 kg ondersteunt. 

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The Sachtler ENG 75/2 D HD Aluminum Tripod Legs with 75mm Bowl is a two stage tripod that supports up to 77 pounds. This item is for the legs with head fitting only and does not include available spreaders or rubber feet. The legs feature a working height range of 22 to 57.9"; adding available rubber feet will raise the working height to 61".

Each leg is independently adjustable in height and angle, allowing you to quickly rough in your position. The adjustments allow the tripod legs to work in oddly shaped spaces and remain stable on uneven surfaces. The fast action leg clamps are durable and lock the leg heights quickly and securely. The Leg Clip is a built-in, elastic strap that extends from inside one of the leg sections and wraps around the legs, keeping them closed during transport/storage.

The legs feature independent height adjustments and spread, which allow the legs to remain stable on rough terrain and uneven surfaces including stairs.

The dual spiked feet provide grip in soft surfaces, such as earth or sand, when the legs are at a normal height, or when you need to spread them wide for low angle shots. An elastic strap with a transport clip is incorporated in one of the leg sections. This keeps the transport clip out of the way but easily available. Collapse the legs for transport, extend the clip/strap, and wrap it around the legs to keep them closed.

The heavy duty version of the popular tripod ENG 75/2 D is extremely stable and has a maximum load of 35 kg. In addition, it comes with the easy-to-use Sachtler quick clamping system. The mid-level spreader can be easily removed without the use of tools. It is robust and impresses with its compact dimensions.

Note: Rubber feet and mid-level spreader are sold as an optional accessory