• Sachtler Ace Accessories Set
  • Sachtler Ace Accessories Set
  • Sachtler Ace Accessories Set

Sachtler Ace Accessories Set

De Sachtler Ace Accessories Set is een uitgebreide accessoire set voor vrijwel alle compacte video - en DSLR camera's.

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The Sachtler Ace Follow Focus, Matte Box and Baseplate with 15mm Rods is a comprehensive kit supporting any camera and compatible with large and small diameter lenses. The baseplate features 15mm rods that are approximately 12" long, and the follow focus and matte box both attach on by 15mm rod mounts.

The matte box features a reversible rod bridge that allows support for most lenses sizes. The rod bridge can be screwed on right-side up or upside down to provide either 3.3" or 4.3" of distance between the center of the support rod to the center of the rear clamping interface. Once mounted, it secures with just a single lever.

The matte box features two filter stages, one fixed and the rear one rotating up to 90° left or right. It includes adjustable top and side flags, two 4 x 4" and two 4 x 5.65" filter frames, and two different-sized neoprene rings. The flags gently clip on and fix into desired positions when you tighten each one's lever. The filter frames click into place as you insert them while holding a release button. The neoprene rings slide over your lenses to block out any light coming in through the back. They can be cut if necessary for larger lenses. Two small accessory bars are available on the top of the matte box, each featuring two 1/4"-20 threads for mounting articulating arms, lights, mics, and other accessories.

The follow focus is backlash-free and adjustable to support photo and video lenses of different makes and sizes. It features both a 0.8 Mod drive gear and a 35mm diameter friction wheel to accommodate lenses with and without gear rings. The drive gear and friction wheel are positioned on opposite sides of each other and can be swapped as necessary using an included Allen key. The direction of the gear mechanism is also reversible to support lenses with clockwise- and counterclockwise-moving focus rings. The follow focus can be mounted on either side of the lens, and the follow focus bridge is adjustable horizontally so you can adjust to different sized lenses. Two interchangeable marking discs are included that simply click into place when properly aligned on the handwheel, and they can easily be removed and replaced. Hard stops can be set using an easy to use hard stop slider button, especially useful for some modern photo lenses. The handwheel features a mount for an industry standard focus whip.

The baseplate is height adjustable and features 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads on the bottom for attachment to tripods. One lever secures both of the included 15mm rods in place at once. Height is adjustable from 1.9" to 2.8" by simply loosening another lever and lifting the top portion of the baseplate. A quick release camera plate, anti-twist stop, and spare mounting screws are also included. The anti-twist stop attaches on top of the quick release plate using one of the spare mounting screws to prevent your camera from turning, especially useful for DSLRs. It attaches positioned across at any point along the length of the quick release plate. The spare camera screws come recessed within slots on the top side of the baseplate.