• Datavideo MS-2850A HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio

Datavideo MS-2850A HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio

De Datavideo MS-2850A is een mobiele studio en is ontworpen rondom de SE-2850 HD/SD 8-kanaals switcher. De studio is perfect voor outdoor events, conferenties en vele meerdere toepassingen.

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Mobile Video Studio

Datavideo MS-2850 HD/SD mobile video studio series is a ready to go solution. It is designed around the SE-2850 HD/SD 8-channel (upgradeable to 12 channels) broadcast- quality video switcher. It is perfect for outdoor events, conferences, education, places of worship and many more applications. Producing superb quality pictures with versatile input/output configurations, the SE-2850 also has powerful, easy to use effects, such as dual picture in picture, downstream keyer and logo insertion.

The switcher is integrated with the essential elements required for live production including a recorder, a multi-view monitor and an intercom system.

Suitable for Large Scale Live Event Productions

The SE-2850 switcher supports up to 12 inputs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 and has a total of 6 outputs in HDMI and SDI.

The switcher provides you the professional 10-bit processing quality of video.

The SE-2850's included audio-delay feature ensures that you'll be able to keep your audio and video perfectly in sync with one another. This means zero lip sync issues for your professional production.

Support for Various Inputs Resolutions Simultaneously

Connect cameras, computers, and other devices with different video resolutions. Thanks to its built-in video scaler, the SE-2850 switcher will scale all the inputs for the proper working environment.

The SE-2850's inputs can be reassigned, giving you more flexibility while organizing the multi-view interface.

Model Number


Digital Video Switcher


17.3" Rack Mount LCD

TLM-170LM x1 (MS-2850A/C/E/F)
TLM-170VM x1 (MS-2850G/H)


HDR-70 x1

Intercom/Tally System

ITC-100 w/4 Belt pack

SDI Vector Scope

Built in TLM-170VM (MS-2850G/H)

Audio Mixer

AD-100M (MS-2850A/E/G)
AD-200 (MS-2850C/F/H)

Power Distributor (8-way)


Return Video (8-CH CV)

RP-64 (MS-2850G/H)

Camera Control System


Camera Power Distributor

PD-6A (MS-2850G/H)

Multi-camera Control Unit


H.264 Video Streaming Server


4K Multicamera Processor

KMU-100 (MS-2850E/F)

Network Media Player


HD/SD SDI Amplifier

VP-445 (MS-2850G)

Rack System Integration

8RU Flight Case


65 kg

Operating Temp. Range

0~40 °C


Camera Power Distributor


Camera Power Regulator


Redundant Power (360W)




CB-22H/23H Repeater



CB-46/47 (30/50m)

ITC/Tally Cable

CB-3/4 (20m/50m)

HDMI Cable

CB-60/61/62 (30m/50m/100m)

100m SDI Repeater

VP-633 / VP-634

  • 1 x MS-2850 product
  • 4 x ITC-100SL (Bag)
  • 4 x Tally LED TD-3
  • 4 x Headphone
  • 1 x Goose neck MIC
  • 1 x Goose neck LED light
  • 4 x XLR Cable + CON 20M
  • 4 x GPI Cable Stereo 1.2M
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x Y type USB cable
  • 5 x 120mm cable tie
  • 10 x 200mm cable tie
  • 1 x Y type 2 pin MOLEX cabl
  • 2 x 2.5" HDD enclosure
  • 10 x Screw M3*4mm
  • 10 x Anti-vibration screw + M5*10 washer
  • 2 x ISO screw 2*6mm
  • 2 x HD sticker
  • 4 x Blank sticker
  • 4 x Black Velcro 36cm