• Beachtek DXA-BMD
  • Beachtek DXA-BMD
  • Beachtek DXA-BMD
  • Beachtek DXA-BMD
  • Beachtek DXA-BMD
  • Beachtek DXA-BMD

Beachtek DXA-BMD

Met de Beachtek DXA-BMD kunt u van XLR naar grote jack voor de Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s. Doordat deze versie geen voorversterker in zich heeft kun je deze beter alleen gebruiken met voorversterkte microfoons.

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  • $139.00 (excl. btw)
    $168.19 incl. btw
  • $306.00
  • - 55%

The DXA-BMD from Beachtek is a passive audio adapter that provides you with two microphone inputs and 48V phantom power for your Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This adapter can be used for connecting boom mics, wireless mic receivers and other pro audio gear to your camera.

The DXA-BMD is equipped with two balanced XLR inputs for your microphones, and two balanced TRS 1/4" outputs for connecting to your camera. It allows for direct audio recording to your Blackmagic camera without the need of a separate recorder. An advantage of direct recording is that it keeps your audio in sync with your video from start to finish, eliminating the need to sync in the post editing phase. The DXA-BMD is equipped with balanced inputs that reduce the possibility of ground loops, and its low noise transformer helps you capture clean direct recordings.

The DXA-BMD can pass audio from your microphones to your camera with or without the use of a 9V battery. Use of a battery, however, makes advanced functionality available, such as VU metering for checking your mic levels visually. Use of a 9V battery also adds 48V phantom power for use with condenser mics as well.

Note: This adapter does not have a preamplifier. For best results, use with condenser microphones that provide a strong output signal.