• Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle
  • Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle
  • Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle

Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle

De Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle brengt draadloze tijdcode, synchronisatie en bluetooth-bediening naar je Ninja V. Perfect voor het verbeteren van opnames met je DSLR, systeemcamera of ht maken van game-opnames. Je kunt letterlijk duizenden Ninja V-apparaten die zijn uitgerust met AtomX Sync-modules op hetzelfde netwerk synchroniseren en/of tot op 300 meter afstand bedienen. Opnamen met meerdere camera's zijn nog nooit zo eenvoudig geweest. 

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The new AtomX SYNC module brings wireless timecode, sync and control technology to the Ninja V. It connects multiple Ninja Vs, cameras and audio recorders using reliable long range RF wireless technology patented by Timecode Systems. At the same time it can also bring other devices into the synchronised system via Bluetooth. On iPhone and iPad this works with apps like Apogee’s MetaRecorder audio recorder, Mavis Pro camera and MovieSlate8 logging . It is also compatible with professional audio recorders like the Zoom F6 and F8n.

Key Features

  • Bundle of AtomX Sync Module for Ninja V and Ultrasync Blue. Extended the range of Bluetooth connected devices
  • The Ultrasync Blue converts long range RF to Bluetooth, meaning you can go from from 15m to over 200m and benefit from the out of range continuous SYNC feature