• Aputure Barndoor voor COB
Barn Door

Aputure Barndoor voor COB

De Barndoors voor LS 120 en LS 300 LED-lampen zijn lichtmodificatoren die op alle versies van deze Aputure LED-lampen passen. 

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The Aputure Barndoors are the optimal solution for shaping your COB light and preventing light spill. Designed specifically for the 120 series and 300d, the Aputure Barndoors feature four velvet leaves, a newly designed negative reflector dish, and a high quality gel holder.

The Aputure Barndoors are made of four leaves, each with an internal black velvet fabric to maximize light absorption, allowing for virtually no light leak. Though maximum light control will be achieved with the included black reflector dish, the 4 leaves can be mounted onto the standard Aputure Silver Reflector Dish or the Aputure Fresnel as well.