• BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle HD
  • BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle HD
  • BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle HD
  • BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle HD
BlackMagic Design

BlackMagic Design Hyperdeck Shuttle HD

HyperDeck Shuttle HD is een recorder en speler die is ontworpen voor gebruik op de desktop.

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HyperDeck Shuttle HD is a recorder and player that's designed to be used on the desktop. That means it's more than a master recorder as it can also be used as a clip player. The large search dial is perfect for scrolling through lots of media to find the clip customers want to play. Customers get support for ProRes, DNx and H.264 files in NTSC, PAL, 720p and 1080p video formats. The HDMI connections allow connection to switchers, cameras and monitors. Plus SD cards, UHS-II cards and USB-C external disks can be used for recording and playing media. HyperDeck Shuttle HD uses the same design as ATEM Mini Extreme, so it's a perfect combination to use as a media player. It even has a built in teleprompter.

HyperDeck Shuttle HD is perfectly designed for the desktop. This means the front panel can be operated with a single hand. The gentle angle allows their hand to rest on the search dial, and the control buttons are positioned under their fingertips. The design is the same depth and angle as ATEM Mini Extreme, so they match perfectly when used together. That's perfect when users are searching through lots of media. Plus, the buttons are the same design as traditional broadcast decks. The rear panel includes all video, power, network and control connections.

With support for H.264, ProRes and DNx files, customers can record true broadcast masters. Customers can even select between PCM or AAC audio. That's perfect for higher quality mastering when used with ATEM Mini switchers. Customers get everything needed to send shows to broadcasters and for uploading to YouTube.

The large search dial lets customers visually browse their clip library. Then customers can use the previous clip button to cue to the start of the clip. After playing, customers can use the clip button to stop the playback at the end of the clip. ATEM switchers can even remote control HyperDeck Shuttle via Ethernet.


  • Compact desktop design.
  • Traditional broadcast deck controls with large search dial.
  • Records to SD cards, UHS-II cards and external USB-C media disks.
  • Records direct to external USB-C media disks.
  • Records standard H.264, ProRes and DNx files.
  • Supports latest broadcast technology connections.
  • 1G Ethernet for fast file upload.
  • Powerful operating system with menus overlaid on video output.