• Aputure Barn Door
Barn Door

Aputure Barn Door

De Barndoors voor LS 120 en LS 300 LED-lampen zijn lichtmodificatoren die op alle versies van deze Aputure LED-lampen passen. 

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Designed specifically for Aputure COB lights, the Aputure Barn Doors are the optimal solution for shaping your light and preventing excess spill, featuring four velvet leaves, a newly designed negative reflector dish, and a high quality gel holder.

Aircraft aluminum build quality. The four leaves of the Barn Doors are made of smooth finish aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure a strong, sleek build that is lightweight and easy to manipulate, while remaining incredibly durable.

Control your way. The Aputure Barn Doors include a 30º Honeycomb Grid for filmmakers to further control the direction of their light. It also includes a magnetic gel holder for filmmakers to easily add color to their light.


  • - Designed for Aputure Bowens Mount Point-Source Lights
  • - Compatible with Aputure Reflectors & Fresnel 2x
  • - 4-Leaf Barn Doors
  • - Black Velvet Lined Interior
  • - Magnetic Gel Holder System
  • - Negative Reflector to Minimize Size of Light Source & Create Sharper Shadows
  • - Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
  • - 1x Aputure Barn Doors
  • - 1x Bowens Mount Adapter
  • - 1x Gel Holder
  • - 1x 30º Light Control Grid