• Kiloview N6 NDI Converter

Kiloview N6 NDI Converter

Kiloview N6 HDMI/NDI converter is a bi-directional converter that supports HDMI input (encoder) to both NDI and NDI|HX with loop through for view on monitor, or HDMI video output (decoder) from NDI and NDI|HX.

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Transmit video at resolutions up to 1080p60 over an NDI IP network using the N6 HDMI to NDI & NDI|HX Bidirectional Converter from Kiloview. Ideal for using with HDMI-output cameras, this compact unit both encodes HDMI signals for NDI/NDI|HX distribution and decodes NDI/NDI|HX signals for HDMI monitoring. The N6 unit features NDI 5.0 with NDI Bridge support, WebRTC-based NDI remote control, improved UDP reliability, and ARM support.

This converter features PTZ control, PoE, over Ethernet, both embedded and 3.5mm multichannel audio support, and intercom functions. A large LED tally display on the front indicates whether your camera is in program or preview.

Bidirectional Converter

  • Encodes HDMI signals for NDI/NDI|HX distribution
  • Decodes DI/NDI|HX signals for HDMI monitoring

NDI 5 Connectivity

  • NDI Bridge supports secure connections between NDI networks in any location via LAN, WAN, or Wi-Fi
  • WebRTC-based NDI remote control via URL
  • Improved UDP reliability for more resilient connection
  • ARM support

Large Tally Display

A large LED display on the unit front make is easy to see your Preview/Program status

Audio & Intercom Functions

  • 3.5mm analog audio input and output ports
  • Embedded audio support
  • Voice intercom support between Kiloview devices

Latency-Free Switching

Lag-free switching using the web-based GUI console